February 26, 2012

yellow butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

recipe for cupcake from here. though the measurements gave us double the number mini-cupcakes, this is perhaps the best recipe we’ve followed to date. they are scrumptious.

frosting is but butter whipped to hell and back, icing sugar, vanilla extract and melted chocolate. i’ve heard told that adding a pinch of salt cuts back on the sickening sweetness. (humble-brag alert: we are without electric mixers, so you’re looking at the delumptious results of four tired and toned arms.)

this being our first attempt at artsy frosting, they’re a little wibbly wobbly. but give us time and an unlimited supply of cupcakes and we’ll show you just how we could…nom nom.

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    First attempt and I ain’t no Peeta at frosting but I’ll get there. In the meantime OM NOM NOM NOM NOM~
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