July 3, 2012

how many ads on tv make you want to research the music, dancers, choreographers, lighting technicians, sound editors etc.? i don’t know what it is about this ad, but i heard it enough times to go all out internet on it.

first off, the performers. the dude’s name is non-stop and he’s some kind of awesome. “this is the closest we’ve come to making robots”, is something i just said watching the youtube below. yea it felt so true i had to quote myself in my own tumblr post.

then comes the kickass business woman. what what what is this? her name is marie poppins, which tbh is all that i ever need to know about someone to love them, if their name is marie poppins. 

and finally and most satisfyingly, the song is by a mad man who didn’t even write it for this commercial. his name is mr. pitiful and he is truly in love with this machine. so in love that he wrote his ode to it back in 2007. that kind of madness is my kind of madness.

bonus discovery: guys, is this what dubstep is? have it finally discovered what dubstep is?

April 3, 2012

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June 2, 2011

"i can make your skin fairer, and blemish-free."

i woke up to this trash on twitter (thanks dude @krishashok). classy.

May 28, 2011
well, do you?

well, do you?

February 23, 2011
psa. right.
life, 1951.

psa. right.

life, 1951.

January 11, 2011
j’adore j’adidas j’ads

i have an irrational loyalty and attraction to adidas football things. this even without their adorable ads. i believe some of the best stuff came out just before 2006 world cup in germany.

reason i love jose +10 is all the specifically chelsea related inside jokes:

  • jose (mourinho)
  • diving robben
  • duff relegated to the bench
  • lampard getting a deflected goal

is all i need but there’s so much more.

then there’s my irrational loyalty and attraction to the deutsche nationalmannschaft. mannschaft! this is nothing but fan service for me. who cares what they’re saying. look!

this came a bit later but aaaw.

this just for gerrard’s intense scousiness. you might pick up on the spanish and portuguese before the scouse.

December 22, 2010
this was of course prior to IBM leaving india in 1977. check out this dirt-off-the-shoulder article from TIME on that.

this was of course prior to IBM leaving india in 1977. check out this dirt-off-the-shoulder article from TIME on that.

November 18, 2010
bloggy blog

had a not very great week. so a few things:

- i’ve been swearing so much that i’ve run out of expletives. i used fucking as its own adverb, as in: “is he fucking fucking with us?”

- i say all the time that i dread going to volleyball matches but actually enjoy it a lot once i start playing. well, yesterday i injured my right thumb, my most important thumb and continued to play for the next 40 minutes. and now i cannot use it. it is dead to me. i’m typing like a monkey.

- so no computer for me all day today. which was ok because i read two entire books (i’ll type like a monkey about them later). but it also meant i’ve been watching tv.

- how do advertisers think they can get away with introducing a “new” product that will magically reverse your face with an endorsement by an old pretty actress/model, calling it her secret? 

either it’s new or your personal secret that you’ve been using for years. pick one. were you the lab rat? the first human subject? clarify this for me.

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