January 26, 2011
rant: i’m dead on the inside edition

i used to be able to watch indian movies, the mad clothes, dances, predictability and all. but at some unknown point in the recent past i’ve lost the ability to feel/digest any display of emotions.

movies on love make me sick. movies on family obligations make me sick. commentaries on corruption/social injustices make me sick. sentimental sequences about poverty/helplessness/rape make me sick. parents, sisters, mothers in law, spoilt rich girls, step-siblings, family rivalries, orphans. but it’s mostly the over-dramatization of some medieval-sounding honour code, usually dependably sexist that makes me sick.

at least the music was good. i say was because it is now not good. here’s an old favourite that has the woman (banupriya) literally breaking her back, “dancing” and trying to be “sexy” while fatty fat-fat (prabhu) walk around apparently too cool to even lip-synch. 

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