July 26, 2012

i post this video because a) i was humming it and b) GERMAN SUBTITLES.

things of note:

  • this song is good for 1 minute tops.
  • german for bindia is bindia, and most importantly
  • if you haven’t memorized the words the first time they sing it, then you’re out of luck. we do not repeat ourselves. it is inefficient and unnecessary, says a german at any given time.

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June 26, 2012
bairisch-österreichisch, the name of my hipster band.

die deutsche sprache

bairisch-österreichisch, the name of my hipster band.


die deutsche sprache

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June 22, 2012

özil, höwedes, neuer, orlando bloom hummels, a fascinating dinner lady and nutella.

that is all.

April 5, 2012

My fortune :) (Taken with picplz.)

i do love the word schön. 


My fortune :) (Taken with picplz.)

i do love the word schön

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April 4, 2012

ask me who my all time non-scoring, cake-baking, foldy-bike riding, food-loving, west-phalian is and i’ll direct you to the greatest footballer website known to person-kind. his song is legend, his autograph request form is legend, he is legend. 

first ever contender for husband material award.

July 7, 2011
der tiger von eschnapur

the set is trimurthy-worthy and the chick debra paget is nimble, i’ll give them that. but vot vot vot is this germany? i’m gonna go on a limb and guess that the princely-looking turban dude and his band of brahmins are not the good guys. 

The Tiger of Eschnapur, or in original German, Der Tiger von Eschnapur, is a 1959 German adventure directed by Fritz Lang. It is the first of two films comprising what has come to be known as Fritz Lang’s Indian Epic; the other is The Indian Tomb (Das Indische Grabmal). Fritz Lang returned to Germany to direct these films, which together tell the story of a German architect, the Indian Maharahaja for whom he is building a temple, and the Eurasian dancer who comes between them.

because indian temples are always based on german architecture (*they stole the atharvaveda doncha know). 

*i have no idea about the origin of that accusation. i just hear it all the time.

January 11, 2011
j’adore j’adidas j’ads

i have an irrational loyalty and attraction to adidas football things. this even without their adorable ads. i believe some of the best stuff came out just before 2006 world cup in germany.

reason i love jose +10 is all the specifically chelsea related inside jokes:

  • jose (mourinho)
  • diving robben
  • duff relegated to the bench
  • lampard getting a deflected goal

is all i need but there’s so much more.

then there’s my irrational loyalty and attraction to the deutsche nationalmannschaft. mannschaft! this is nothing but fan service for me. who cares what they’re saying. look!

this came a bit later but aaaw.

this just for gerrard’s intense scousiness. you might pick up on the spanish and portuguese before the scouse.

October 12, 2010
game show

i spend a fair amount of time moaning about how things were better back when, back then. i used to watch a lot of weird foreign shows (again, whatever was on the two incredible channels we had available) but these two were probably the ones i loved the most.


Telematch was the name of a German television show broadcast during the 1970s till 1979 and based on its French counterpart Intervilles….For each game the participants would typically dress up in costume. Often the costumes were elaborate and designed to increase the challenge of the game by making movement awkward. Games were played against the clock, or as a race.

it’s german but we had hindi dubs, which made it about five times as hilarious to 8-year-old me. first order of business beween the sibling/assorted cousins would be to choose your teams and just duke it out, shouting at the tv like tiny insane people.

the crystal maze

The series is set in “The Crystal Maze”, which is set within four different “zones” set in various periods of time and space. A team of six contestants take part in a selection of challenges in order to win “time crystals”. Each crystal gives the team five seconds of time inside “The Crystal Dome”, the heart of the maze where the contestants take part in their final challenge.

i preferred the seasons hosted by the bald man who, according to wikipedia, has a name. there were four zones to cover (aztec being the worst - congested and crappy tools) and four types of challenges (mental was mental). basically a classier wipe-out with the added bonus of jumpsuits and wacko 90s hair.

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