June 4, 2011
as i read about the v.s. naipaul malarky

i’m trying to think whether there’s been a book with a female protagonist (or in a woman’s perspective) that was written by a man. i’m sure there is but i can’t seem to remember any right now. drawing the blankest of blanks.

and i don’t mean like the paper bag princess, which is ace but i’m looking for something a more…more. like say, woolf and septimus warren smith.

anna karenina? probably. never read it though. ok i guess that’s one. 

February 8, 2011
steampunk day

September 29, 2010
i’m the old man in this tale

"So, Abramovitch, are you proud of your grandson?"

"He played without a hat."

"Paw. For Christ’s sake!"

"It would hurt him to wear a hat?"

"Have you ever heard of the wheel, Paw? Some damn fool invented this thing you attach to a wagon and it turns. We’ve got this business called electricity too now. You press a button, see, and …THIS IS THE MODERN TIMES."

(Richler, Mordechai. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz: 1959)

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