January 11, 2011
j’adore j’adidas j’ads

i have an irrational loyalty and attraction to adidas football things. this even without their adorable ads. i believe some of the best stuff came out just before 2006 world cup in germany.

reason i love jose +10 is all the specifically chelsea related inside jokes:

  • jose (mourinho)
  • diving robben
  • duff relegated to the bench
  • lampard getting a deflected goal

is all i need but there’s so much more.

then there’s my irrational loyalty and attraction to the deutsche nationalmannschaft. mannschaft! this is nothing but fan service for me. who cares what they’re saying. look!

this came a bit later but aaaw.

this just for gerrard’s intense scousiness. you might pick up on the spanish and portuguese before the scouse.

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