December 17, 2010
'being erica' being remade in the u.s.

(click title for article about which i get to maybe by the end of this rant)

if you’re a fan of good television writing, you’ll know that the uk constantly trumps the rest of the world’s collective asses at it. i can’t even, if you don’t agree (i rest my case).

america makes good shows but the sheer volume of materials produced means a hell of a lot of crap also gets made and the good ones get no love at all *ahemarresteddevelopmentcough*. but they also commit the cardinal sin of wanting to remake everything. it’s this weird form of patriotism that convinces them that foreign shows, even canadian as in this case won’t survive unless it’s set in american towns with american names and american size 0s.

they’ve managed to butcher many shows using this bogus theory (they’re on the verge with skins and shameless). don’t even with the office, that’s the exception to the rule.

and yet, with the news that being erica might be remade, a strangely canadian instinct kicks in. even knowing american tv’s history of fucking up time and again, what if they make this better? btw i don’t even watch the show. i know it’s decent and a hit. it’s not a big enough hit that people would remember that the original was canadian. but what if they take this modest canadian success and somehow it takes off? have i said canadian enough?

i know fully well that this is the craziest of insecurities (like fearing an obesity related death before the franken-chickens hatch). but what if, dammit. you can’t prove it’s your thing that the bully stole because your name’s not on it. i’m bursting with metaphors here. mark your names, canadian writers. etch it in into that eraser even if it breaks your heart and ruins the design.

oh my god this isn’t even about this anymore.

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