November 25, 2010
the indian doctor

just one episode in, but i like this bbc wales drama. not just because it stars another of my girl crushes ayesha dharker, but also because it’s a change from the usual more brick lane-type immigrant stories from the uk. it’s been pretty light-weight so far on the prejudice the first big wave of post-colonial immigrants faced. they’re this high-falutin’ couple from delhi after all, as opposed to villagers fleeing from poverty.

ayesha dharker’s character is kind of interesting: pulling strings with friends in high places and rubbing shoulders with the mountbattens. a familiarly british class-mentality. it’s interesting because as much as people think indians are obsessed with caste, it’s actually socio-economic class that’s the bigger indicator/divider for most people from cities. it’s true.

anyway, with the promise of a story-arc in the form of some mysterious diary of the former doctor, i might just stick with this. also way to choose a title, bbc. obviously their train of though being: “welsh village full of patients > the english patient > the indian doctor. aha!”

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